Advantages and features of Profinvest Services LLC

Profinvest Services LLC

  • More than 15 years of experience
    in Trade Finance

  • RMA keys with more than
    400 banks around the world

  • More than 70 agehnt in 40
    countires around the world

Fundamental Advantages

Using the services of the company ProfInvest Services, a specialist in the field of trade and investment financing, you get an experienced and reliable partner with significant advantages over other representatives in this sector.

1. The main advantage of our services is the absence of necessity to cover the issued letter of credit or the guarantee: you pay only the commission fee for issuing the instrument. Moreover, the commission fee varies depending on the bank rate and the nominal value of issued financial instrument.

2. Our clients receive the possibility of partial or a 100% financing of the sales deal / project.

3. We are pleased to offer the variety of financing options and find the best one for every client.

4. Our services are very essential for companies importing from the Middle East, China, and Southeast Asia. Applying the financial instruments, the Client can receive installments according to the terms of the agreement between the buyer and the seller. Usually, the deferment of payment for suppliers ranges from 30 to 360 days.

5. A vast number of foreign banking and non-banking organizations are our clients and work with us directly, without any third parties involved.

6. We provide proper protection of personal and commercial confidential information of our Clients.

7. Our goal is to solve the financial problems of your projects in the most effective and simple way.

Structured transactions financing

is a short-term financing of trade transactions by means of primary (letters of credit, bank guarantees) and derivative instruments combined with monitoring of the market changes that allow to adjust the financing strategy according to the current needs of every client.


around the world allows our company to work more efficiently and offer our clients new services and opportunities. Agents and brokers of ProfInvest Services will provide complete information about the services for you, will discuss the most attractive options for cooperation and will not miss anything important.

We are interested in constant expansion of the agency network. Please contact us any convenient way if interested in cooperation.

Our company ProfInvest Services has justified the loan of trust from numerous partners throughout many years of work.

Why do our clients trust us?

- We are an international company conducting successful business in financial services industry for more than 15 years.

- A wealth of experience in trade financing allows us to provide full assurance of payment when making a deal in terms of market volatility due to such instrument, as the documentary letter of credit. Throughout the world, the documentary letters of credit applied in international payments, are considered as the most reliable and flexible payment documents that benefit both the seller and the buyer. The buyer, applying the documentary letter of credit, minimizes the risks of communicating with mala fide suppliers and failure to perform his obligations. From the seller side, the documentary letters of credit allow to receive the payment irrespective of the buyer.

- Our company has the access to SWIFT system that allows making payments and to transfer protected financial information around the world.

- ProfInvest Services has more than 70 agents in 40 countries.

- A bank guarantee is a universal tool for many problems solution. Our company provides qualified support in the provision of a bank guarantee, which allows the clients to save time and be released from the vast number of mandatory bureaucratic procedures.

- We provide a stand-by letter of credit, which is of the same importance as the bank guarantee. It allows the beneficiary to receive the guarantee payment in the event of warranty case occurrence.

- ProfInvest Services has the access to large credit lines, which allows rendering financial services and assistance in entering into transactions. We are successfully working with such regions as China, Singapore, India, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Our financial instruments

Our company offers the following financial instruments:

documentary letter of credit, MT 700

stand-by letter of credit, MT 760

provision of bank guarantee, MT 760

confirmation of funds,

performance guarantee.

Additional services

Since ProfInvest Services has the access to the international system SWIFT, we can send messages in different formats to any country in the world.

Moreover, we collaborate with a number of issuing organizations incorporated in different countries, and have partnership relations with major financial companies that received the right to issue financial instruments.

We have several banks that posses the right to issue financial instruments.

Our capacities and advantages

We have an opportunity to open a letter of credit at any amount. We take into account the complexity of the transaction, examine the product and other factors related to the transaction.

ProfInvest Services offers the price list for payments by the letter of credit on a regular basis. For the first deals with the new clients the work is carried out on a case-by-case basis.

We provide settlement of the account by letter of credit for any products. The only exceptions are those groups of products that go beyond the ethical and legal framework.

ProfInvest Services does not require 100% financial cover for the issuance of financial instruments.

Cooperation with ProfInvest Services is the acquisition of the banking instrument on favorable terms and professional support of your business.