SWIFT messaging services for international transactions


SWIFT financial messages

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) is the international community, carrying out the exchange of messages of the accepted ISO standards.

Sending SWIFT messages makes it possible to use the principles of straight through processing and on-line connection of the members by the information infrastructure.

SWIFT messages are divided into several types, each of which provides support of a particular sector of financial transactions. ISO standards are the basis for the models of communication of the world's largest clearing and payment systems.

Our company assists in sending SWIFT messages of different categories from various foreign banks and non-banking financial institutions.

Why to choose us?

1. We work with a large number of financial institutions abroad without intermediaries.

2. The commission fee when using standard SWIFT system is individual for each order.

3. SWIFT message is sent after payment of commission fee, within two to five business days.

4. In the pre-specified cases, the service can be paid for partly: before and after sending the message within the period, not exceeding ten banking days.

5. An application for SWIFT message is considered up to two working days and under the condition that all the necessary documents are provided.

6. We guarantee the inviolability of personal and commercial information of our clients.