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    Can I cancel the letter of credit after it has been opened?

    All the instruments that we issue, are irrevocable and can not be canceled, except for the case when the beneficiary wants to cancel it.

    Why do I need to pay a fee before you open a letter of credit? Why can you not just take your fee from the profits of our deal?

    We do not participate in transactions of our clients as a participant of the transaction. Therefore, we will not share the profits of transactions of our customers. Our prices are the same, irrespective of the profit from the transaction.

    I have opened a letter of credit at my supplier, but he does not send the goods. Will there be a refund for the letter of credit payment?

    Once the letter of credit is opened, your payment will not be refunded. We recommend all our customers, before opening the letter of credit, they must make sure that the supplier is willing to accept an instrument that will be issued to them.

    For what type of goods do you open a letter of credit?

    We can open a letter of credit for different types of goods, if they fall into our ethical and legal criteria. However, we will not intervene in transactions with arms or ammunition under any circumstances.

    What is the maximum amount of the letter credit, which is possible to open?

    We are able to open a letter of credit at almost any amount. We consider the complexity of the transaction; goods that are currently the subject of trade; and other factors related to the transaction.

    How much opening a letter of credit cost?

    The fee for the letter of credit depends on a number of factors. Our agents can provide rates for a permanent basis. For the first customer transactions, fees are quoted on an individual basis.

    What are the Top - banks you work with?



    CITIBANK Hong Kong

    Can we release an instrument that will be confirmed by the A-class bank?


    Can we issue a confirmed instrument?

    Yes, in special cases