Full application form for ordering letter of credit, bank guarantee and other financial instruments

Financial security of agreements and contracts is a bond and bank guarantee or other financial instrument.

As a general rule, contractors prefer the second option, because before issuing a bank guarantee, the bank conducts appropriate verification. In addition, the issue of a bank guarantee can be done only by the bank, which is included to a special list.

Execution of a bank guarantee directly in the financial institution takes some time. The decision-making process of a bank may take up to 2 weeks, while provision of a bank guarantee to the counterparty is required within 3 days from the date of signing the contract.

Our company solves this problem: the established form of a bank guarantee will be provided as soon as possible.

After filling a complete application form and choosing the most advantageous financial document, the client receives a personal broker who will assist quickly, clearly and correctly at every step of the transaction.